Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Lawyer Bubble: A Profession in Crisis

A straight talk, well written book about a profession most people admire, a profession in crisis.

From analytics/measurement perspective, if one's weighting is not data-based, not 'objective', one really rather should not be doing weighting, scoring, or ranking. US News & World Report, as the book presents, publishes law school ranking that appears to be using arbitrary weighting that has contributed to law schools' crazy and creative behavior towards  boosting their scores. The stories on law school student transfer, deans' book cooking details are saddening for a profession that ought to be doing something of much 'higher' standard and taste.

The entry level associate salary is shocking. I initially thought after so many years of hard studies and exams, they should get more than $160K. But I guess I watched too much Boston Legal where the life style there really reflects the top of the crop, not the norm.

Employment statistics is hard to believe. One case that when a law school graduate gets a full time gig  as food server and the dean counts it as 'employed'? is really.... :how good it is to turn law school into a revenue center for short turn profit really requires some soul searching.

Luckily my son has told me he is not going to law school.

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