Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Robert Oppenheimer: His Life and Mind

Robert Oppenheimer: His Life and Mind

The book has 695 pages. A thorough history of the person. Quietly analytical. Loaded with details on the history of nuclear physics, quantum physics throughout the two World Wars. The unfolding of his correlations with Communists is fair-speech. Explains very well why he was investigated and haunted, his own behavior and characteristic triggers, among others.  

Surprisingly his math was sloppy and loose among physicist of his caliber and repute. His advice to his brother on how to deal with girls was practical and hilarious. Somehow I believe his success was more due to his talents beyond physics. The Manhattan project could not be made so successful just by one’s talent in physicist, or any scientific specialty. The genius lies in exceptional capability to open paths when and where nobody else has clue or directions.

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